Curbside Pickup at il Giallo, 2-7PM

Let the Good Times Roll!


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Hours of Operations
Closed Mondays
Tuesday - Thursday: 4 pm - 10pm
Friday: 4 pm - 11pm
Saturday: 11 am - 11pm
Sunday: 11 am - 9pm

Served on Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 3pm

We love Mardi Gras so much we’re celebrating it for 4 Days!

Celebrate Mardi Gras at Lagarde



...I’m thinking about Mom’s red beans and rice, ham grits and grillade gravy, and so much more. Still thinking about the first oyster my dad made me eat. Dad was fond of a great whiskey sour or fresh peach daquiri but I think he loved making them for everybody more than drinking them, well, almost...

--Chef Jamie Adams

Laissez Les Bontemps Rouler!

We are all about community and friends and family gathering to experience good times and great food. We are excited for you to enjoy our casual yet elevated atmosphere.

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